Who’s behind Pasión Eventos?

We are Marián and Miguel Ángel, brother and sister, friends, and associates, in that order. We are planners from the heart, we have lived it our entire lives.

Pasión Eventos is a family business that was born from passion, conviction, and vocation. Our focus is based around talent and people.

We’re a highly committed team that solves problems and scores great deals for:

  • People that carry high standards and are unconventional, yet consistent.
  • People that prioritise quality and appreciate creativity.
  • People that value experience and worry about what truly matters.
  • People that appreciate honesty and integrity.

Our wish is to be remembered as two siblings who have always been obsessed with the idea of providing their clients with the experience of a lifetime… and are keeping their word.

What do we do at Pasión Eventos?

We turn all that stressful wedding planning into a positive and unforgettable experience.

How do we do it?

By becoming your honest, top-notch advisors that will ensure you don’t waste your precious time and money on vendors that don’t fit your high standards, allowing you to choose freely and safely.

How long have we been working in the events industry?

Marián has been planning all kinds of events since 2002, before deciding to create her personal brand in 2009. Miguel Angel joined her in 2014.

Now there’s 4 of us on the team, working elbow to elbow. Our work enriches our lives with purpose and fun, and we feel deeply proud of what we’ve achieved.

We’ve organised over 200 weddings since we launched Pasión Eventos 15 years ago.

What makes us unique?

  • Our loyalty and commitment: you can trust us with your eyes closed. Under no circumstance will we let you down since we stand behind our values and principles and always keep our word.
  • Our obsession with organisation and attention to detail.
  • Our vocation as wedding planners and commitment to every single project.

We’re aware that you’ll be trusting us with one of the most special days of your lives, which is why our work goes way beyond planning a great party with delicious food, spectacular staging and music you’ll remember forever, we’ll make sure this precious time of your life is less stressful, more enjoyable and unforgettable in any possible way.

We want to be a part of your love story and every time you remember your wedding, we would love you to remember what a great time we had together.

We promise an epic party created with love and backed by our extended knowledge and experience.

Marián Darder

Founder, CEO & Head of Communications

Miguel Ángel Darder


Ívani Porcel

Wedding Planner

Marta Payeras

Wedding Planner