Allow yourself to go for what you deserve and you’ll attract what you dream of.

This is my motto and the reason why I decided to pursue my biggest dream back in 2009. And since then, we’ve never stopped taking care of this amazing family that is Pasión Eventos.


  • Your opinion is the one that counts.
  • What is not visible also matters to you.
  • You’re unconventional and set high standards.
  • Your priority is quality and you enjoy creativity.
  • You value experience and uniqueness.
  • You admire honesty and love to rely on the advice of experts you can trust.
  • You’re looking for a committed team that can solve your problems in an elegant matter and give you that much-needed sense of peace.


  • The opinion that matters to us the most is yours.
  • We also take care of the things that are not visible.
  • We think outside of the box, we are obsessed with detail and meticulous. We are committed to quality, pursue excellence, and choose things that are innovative and disruptive.
  • One only surfs the waves for 20 years if it’s truly vocational. Our father always taught us to be proud of being ourselves.
  • We build winning teams: You will have the best at your wedding, led by us, to make your experience unique on all fronts.

We want to be a part of your love story and every time you remember your wedding; we would love you to remember what a great time we had together.

We organize #weddingsforever, capable of overcoming the passage of time.

We only create real expectations and always commit the best of our talent and resources.

We’ll make sure this precious time of your life is stress-free, more enjoyable and unforgettable in any possible way.

We promise an epic party created with love and backed by our extended knowledge and experience.